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  • Wall Street Washed in Green

    It was green across the screen today as the Dow saw its largest intra-day rally in eight weeks, jumping 296-points at the high.  Monday was also the first time since February 17th the S&P had back-to-back gains. The longest drought of consecutive gains since April 1994.   All 10 S&P 500 sectors ended higher for the first time since March 20. 

  • Why Should Indiana Listen to Tim Cook?

    Regardless of what you think of this Indiana law, whether a measure aimed at protecting folks' religious freedoms really is anti-gay, is it a slippery slope for a CEO of any company to lecture a state on such matters?

  • Former Fed Chief Gets Personal ... Sort Of

    Former Federal Reserve Chief Ben Bernanke's new blog for the Brookings Institution, the first entry of which was published on Monday, is an exercise in rhetorical balance -- and you can learn a lot, just probably not what you thought you wanted.

  • Top 21 Tech Complaints

    This is what annoys us about the tech world -- and your chance to whine about what bugs you.

  • Pending Home Sales Jump More than Views in February

    The National Association of Realtors reports contracts to buy previously-owned homes jumped 3.1%,  handily more than expected in February.

  • Making Money With Charles Payne: 03/27/15

    Here are the disclosures for Making Money with Charles Payne (March 27, 2015).

  • Rate Hike May Be Warranted Later This Year: Yellen

    Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Friday that a rate hike is likely at some point in 2015 but reassured investors that the trajectory of increases to follow will be “gradual.”

  • Week Ahead: March Jobs Report

    The March employment report will highlight next week’s economic calendar.

  • What Obama Can Learn from a Fast Food Guy

    Many will say you can't compare a burger to a bureaucracy. They're wrong.

  • Note To Senator Warren: Citigroup Is Spying On You

    The big New York-based bank -- which barely survived the 2008 financial crisis -- now has researchers monitoring comments and speeches made by the firebrand Massachusetts senator, particularly as they relate to financial regulation in general, and the future of Citigroup in particular, people inside the bank tell FOX Business. Personal Finance


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