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  • Jim Cramer on Chipotle, IBM, Google and Goldman Sachs Earnings

    Jim Cramer says Chipotle reported an 'OK' earnings number but, more importantly, comparable-store sales grew 13%. Cramer says the stock should be bought on any weakness.

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  • Why You Should Plug Into General Electric

    At around $26 per share, GE is one of the few conglomerate bargains that are left. And CEO Immelt should be left alone to continue what he's started.

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  • Biotech Stock Mailbag: NeoStem, Gilead and the Importance of Big-Cap Biotech Earnings

    Biotech columnist Adam Feuerstein answers readers' questions about health care companies.

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  • Here Are the Best Days of the Week to Buy Gas

    Penny-pinching car owners can expect to find the lowest gas prices on Wednesdays in South Dakota but Thursdays in Delaware and Maryland.

  • Previewing Tech Earnings With Alan Knuckman

    A big leap came from a small beat with Yahoo! stock. IBM and Google sank after reporting numbers -- but with the Nasdaq nearly hitting correction territory, OneStopOption Chief Market Strategist Alan Knuckman says U.S. investors should be looking to buy in at a discount.

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  • Even the Analysts Are 'Confused' by IBM

    The analysts finally appear to have lost their patience with IBM.As my pal @firstadopter on Twitter was first to point out:"MULTIPLE questions from $IBM analysts "I'm confused" "I don't understand" "Sorry to re-visit" FCF/Net income/EPS guidance MAKES NO SENSE"At first I thought he was exaggerating, but the transcript doesn't lie.Let's start with confused. Barclays analyst Ben Reitzes gives us a twofer, given that he said both "confused" and "I don't understand":"I think investors are focused on this, of so I'm going to just try to clarify it on the free cash flow side. What I'm really confused about is that the charge was about $100 million lower than I thought, then we have the tax rate impact and the accelerated buyback, which is probably more than I think you guys probably modeled in January. With all that, you could have almost $1 billion taken out of the net income the Street had and still guide to $18.And I wanted to know on cash flow, you said in your 10-K that you would grow cash flow by $1 billion year over year, and we just took out almost $1 billion of the net income versus where we were in January. I actually don't understand how we get to the free cash flow numbers previously guided in that -- taking it in that light. If you could just explain it that way, that would be really great. Thanks a lot."

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  • Nissan Turns Up the Heat in the Electric Car Race

    Important updates on Nissan's electric car plans include swift battery improvements, a plug-in hybrid car and much more.

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  • Make Money on Apple Analysts' Indecision

    If Apple analysts are wishy-washy, you can profit on the company's earnings history.

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  • Jim Cramer's Top Stock Picks: CSX KO SD

    Cramer says CSX is a buy, Coke is rewarding shareholders and SandRidge's turnaround is for real.

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  • Jim Cramer's 'Mad Money' Recap: Don't Blame the Companies

    There's a lot wrong with this market but the companies are part of the solution, not the problem, Cramer asserts.

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